TrueTimber® Announces New Licensee Partnership with Malta Dynamics® on Hunter’s Elite Safety Harness

INMAN, S.C. – August 12, 2022 – TrueTimber has announced a licensee partnership with Malta Dynamics on the Hunter’s Elite Hunting Harness and accompanying accessories pack. Available exclusively in TrueTimber Strata and Kanati camo, the Hunter’s Elite Hunting Harness is lightweight, comfortable and durable. Above all else, it is field tested and approved by lifetime hunters to deliver the utmost confidence while in the stand. The Hunter’s Elite Hunting Harness and accessories are available for purchase on the Malta Dynamics website at MSRP $149.99 and $19.99.

“I am extremely excited to introduce TrueTimber patterns to the safety gear that Malta offers,” said TrueTimber CEO Rusty Sellars. “Malta is synonymous with delivering some of the best fall safety equipment on the market, so I know that tree stand hunters will appreciate the availability in our industry leading Strata and Kanati patterns. We have worked hard to ensure that we can help offer the best hunting experience to TrueTimber fans and hunters all over, so this is an exciting addition to our lineup of licensees.”

The Hunter’s Elite Hunting Harness comes complete as a high quality harness with a shock absorbing tether. Designed by both the leaders of safety gear and hunters, all the features one could desire are present in the harness. Featuring premium padding, lightweight build and silent climbing/connector loops, the harness is sure to provide all day comfort and quietness for the best hunt possible. The harness system is easily adjustable, able to support up to 300 pounds and has been rigorously tested and meets the strict ASTM F2123-19 standards.

Malta Dynamics has also released the Hunter’s Elite Hunting Harness Accessories pack as an optional add on. This accessories collection includes the suspension relief/deer drag, lineman’s climbing strap and tree strap that have been expertly designed for use with the Hunter’s Elite Harness System to further improve a hunter’s experience. The tree strap allows users to anchor safely to the tree for the duration of long hunts and is easily adjustable. It provides the idle friction for safe attachment and is made with durable high strength polyester webbing. The Lineman’s Climbing Strap is made with durable polyester and steel carabiners, allowing users to safely scale a tree to install or remove tree stands, steps or hang bags while keeping the users hands free. The Deer Drag/Suspension Relief Strap adds the extra protection needed to ensure that hunters are able to stay safe while waiting for rescue in case of an accidental fall. It can also be used to create a slip knot on a deer’s limb for dragging efforts.

Malta Dynamics is a full-service manufacturing company specializing in fall protection solutions. While originally created to serve the general industry and construction, it has now recently expanded into hunting gear. Malta Dynamics prides itself on providing top of the line safety products while also giving back to their community. Each product meets strict safety standards, and the customer always comes first with their 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products. To learn more about Malta Dynamics, visit

To learn more about the entire TrueTimber product line and see all available patterns, visit Details about future product launches can be found on TrueTimber’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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