What is it?

Hydrographics (also known as water transfer printing) is the trustworthy 3D decorative process utilized by companies worldwide desiring to add visual appeal to their products by applying various graphic designs to many different materials – ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, rubber and wood. Small or large; flat or contoured; smooth or textured; if the material can be painted then it can be decorated with the hydrographic process. Visionary companies from industries like Automotive, Aviation, Consumer Electronics, Kitchen and Bath, Lawn and Garden, Marine, Powersports and Sporting Goods commend the value of hydrographic decorating because the stunning and realistic results strengthen their market leadership and increase their sales.

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How is it done?

The hydrographic process involves a painted material that is submerged through a water-soluble PVA film printed with the graphic design that is floating on water. The hydrographic film is chemically activated to dissolve the film and rewet the inks thus enabling the graphic design to transfer to the painted material as it is submerged through the inks on the water. After rinsing and drying, the decorated material is painted with a clear coat that best highlights the decorated product – matte, high gloss or soft touch.

What do we offer?

TrueTimber Outdoors offers TrueTimber Camo, TrueTimber Viper, wood grain, metal, designer and proprietary patterns in hydrographic film. Our hydrographic film is printed in 30 and 40 micron thicknesses, 0.5, 1.0 and 1.3 meter widths and 100%, 50% and 33% scale of size. Our innovative film printing process intensifies the pattern’s colors, improves the consistency between print runs and enables flexible design of new patterns while shortening the development process to three or four weeks from artwork to sample film. TrueTimber Outdoors’s hydrographic films have been successfully tested against multiple Powersports and Sporting Goods OEM quality specifications including adhesion, UV/accelerated weathering, water soak, humidity resistance, gasoline resistance, brake fluid resistance, alcohol resistance, heat resistance, thermal shock and cylindrical mandrel bend.

Who do we work with?

Whether you are an OEM or a hydrographic decorator with a small-scale or large scale project manufactured in the USA or a foreign country, TrueTimber Outdoors and our partners are prepared to service your decorating needs. We are pleased to partner with many outstanding hydrographic decorating partners around the world that have executed successful hydrographic programs for OEM’s across multiple industries. Our hydrographic film distributors are available to serve the small-scale projects that require smaller volumes of hydrographic film. TrueTimber Outdoors is fortunate to have been selected as the proprietary hydrographic film partner of many distinguished brand names in the Sporting Goods industry. Our partners are the catalyst behind our success and TrueTimber Outdoors appreciates their commitment to our company and our brand.