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When you license our industry-leading patterns you will see why so many people are switching to TrueTimber® Camo. A license with TrueTimber® isn’t just an endorsement; it’s an invitation to join our growing family. Our mission is to develop meaningful and long lasting relationships with our licensees. The TrueTimber® team is devoted to serving you and helping your products ascend in the outdoor market. We offer you the ability to take advantage of our fast growing brand and become a valuable member of the TrueTimber® family.


TrueTimber®’s realistic camouflage patterns have great shelf appeal and are no stranger to the retail floor. We spend countless hours in the woods researching, designing, and testing our products for all seasons and all hunters. This is one reason why retail stores everywhere are making the switch to TrueTimber® Camo products.

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TrueTimber® ’s manufacturing facility in Inman, South Carolina is a 150,000 square foot building sitting on a 158-acre compound. Rather than dealing with multiple parties, TrueTimber® can be your one-stop shop and provide licensing: fabric, apparel, finished goods, and printing services all from one source. We offer our partners a fast turn-around time that enables you to order lower MOQ’s. The benefit of partnering with TrueTimber® is working with a company that understands what goes into making your products. Take Advantage of our Experience.


Hydrographics (also known as water transfer printing) is the trustworthy 3D decorative process utilized by companies worldwide desiring to add visual appeal to their products by applying various graphic designs to many different materials – ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, rubber and wood. Small or large; flat or contoured; smooth or textured; if the material can be painted then it can be decorated with the hydrographic process.